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Brother LC105, LC107 - CIS, Continuous Ink System

Brother LC105, LC107 - CIS, Continuous Ink System
40 to 45 refills
1 year replacement


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Continuous ink system (CIS) for Brother LC105, LC107 is compatible with all Brother inkjet printers that are using LC105, LC107 cartridges.

It consists of a high-capacity ink reservoir holding about 8 ink cartridges equivalent of printer ink per each color. CIS cartridges have a permanent chip installed, which will automatically reset it when your printer power is turned off and back on.

Continuous Ink System comes with an abundance of printer ink to get you started. For your convenience, there is a filter built into the ink tank, to prevent outside agents from contaminating and affecting the print quality.

  • Brother LC105, LC107 CIS
  • Premium printer ink
  • Instructions

Item #: 110-382-01

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