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Professional Toner Refill Kit for Okidata Universal - standard formula

Professional Toner Refill Kit for Okidata Universal - standard formula
1 refills
1 year replacement

Color   Price
Black $27.99
Cyan $6.99
Magenta $6.99
4 PACK: 1-Black, 1-Cyan, 1-Magenta, 1-Yellow $104.99


STANDARD FORMULA FOR OKIDATA C3000, C5000, C6000, C7000, C9000, XEROX 7300, XEROX 7400 SERIES

This refill kit includes 500 grams of toner and has the following approximate page yields on the following printer models:

Compatible Printer Models
# of HIGH CAPACITY refills with this refill kit
Est. Pages with this refill kit
OKIDATA C3000 series (Okidata C3000 / C3100 / C3200 / C3300 / C3300n / C3400 / C3400n / C3530 and other C3000 series)
OKIDATA C5000 series (Okidata C5100 / Okidata C5150 / C5200 / C5250 / C5300 / C5400 / C5450 / C5500 / C5550, C5650 / C5800 and other C5000 series)
OKIDATA C6000 series (Okidata C6000, C6050, 6100n / C6100dn / C6100dtn / C6100hdn and other C6000 series)
OKIDATA C7000 series (Okidata C7000 / C7200 / C7300 / 7300DXN / C7300N / C7350 / C7500DXN / C7500N and other C7000 series)
OKIDATA C8600, C8800 series
OKIDATA C9000 series (Okidata C9200 / C9200n / C9200dxn / C9400 / C9400dxn / C9600 / C9800 and other C9000 series)
Xerox Phaser 7300 series / 7400 series

This toner refill kit will save you a bundle over buying new cartridges. These printer cartridges are easy to fill, and produce excellent and vibrant print results with our high quality toner. Your printer page output and quality will be about 100% that of the original on your first refill.

Note: "Starter cartridges" cannot be refilled (they will not be accepted by the printer as the printer will "remember" them as having been empty, even after you refill them). A "starter cartridge" is the cartridge that comes with the printer when you first purchase the printer. Any cartridge bought separate to the printer is not a starter cartridge, and can be successfully refilled.

Important: Some cartridges require "replacement chips" (sold separately). The following models require replacement chips:

  • Okidata C3300, C3400, C3530
  • Okidata C5500, C5550, C5650, C5800
  • Okidata C6000, C6100
  • Okidata C8600, C8800
  • Okidata C9600, C9800
  • Xerox 7400


While this formula of toner works well in all the Okidata and Xerox models listed, for best quality (same or better than OEM quality) please use our "GLOSSY FORMULA".

Item #: 195-209-01BLACK (Black)
195-209-01CYAN (Cyan)
195-209-01MAGENTA (Magenta)
195-210-01 (4 PACK: 1-Black, 1-Cyan, 1-Magenta, 1-Yellow)

Compatible Toner Printers:


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