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Professional Bulk Toner 1kg bag Formula #2

Professional Bulk Toner 1kg bag Formula #2
1 year replacement


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Uni-Kit Formula #2 (1Kg bottle = 1,000 grams)

Item #: 195-281-01

Compatible with the following printers:

· Canon PC-1
· Canon PC-2
· Canon PC-5
· Canon PC-6
· Canon PC-7
· Canon PC-8
· Canon PC-11
· Canon PC-12
· Canon PC-850
· Canon PC-870

Compatible with the following cartridges:

· Canon 1474A002AA
· Canon 1489A002AA
· Canon A15
· Canon A30
· Canon F100
· Canon F41-4102-710/A30
· Canon F41-4106-720/A15
· Canon F41-9921-700F100

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a "refill kit"? This is do-it-yourself type products that come with toner and instructions for you to refill your own cartridge.

My cartridge was printing with streaks prior refill. Will your refill kit fix it? Toner Refill Kits are intended to refill functional cartridge. If (before you refill your cartridge) your cartridge is already printing with streaks, smudges or lines, your cartridge is basically already defective or exhibiting signs of defect, and "refilling" it will not bring it back to life. Toner cartridges have multiple moving parts that do wear out and affect quality. Our refills are intended to provide the same quality prints as the last few pages that your cartridge printed before you refilled it. DO NOT refill defective cartridge! Get new replacement cartridge, that you can refill later.

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