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Universal Inkjet ? Bulk Toner 10kg bag for Lexmark C520N

Universal Inkjet ? Bulk Toner 10kg bag for Lexmark C520N
1 year replacement

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Uni-Kit Toner (10kg bag) for Lexmark C5202KS, Lexmark C520n bulk toner. 10kg (22pound) bag bulk toner compatible with Lexmark C520N, is for This item is for the customers that have repeatedly reordered High capacity refill for Lexmark C520n bulk toner

Item #:

Compatible with the following printers:

· Brother HL-2700cn
· Brother MFC-9420cn
· Lexmark C500
· Lexmark C510
· Lexmark X500
· Lexmark X502
· TallyGenicom 8008

Compatible with the following cartridges:

· Brother FP-4CL
· Brother OP-4CL
· Brother TN-04BK
· Brother TN-04C
· Brother TN-04M
· Brother TN-04Y
· Brother WT-4CL
· Brother WT4CL
· Lexmark 20K0500
· Lexmark 20K0501
· Lexmark 20K0502
· Lexmark 20K0503
· Lexmark 20K0504
· Lexmark 20K0505
· Lexmark 20K0506
· Lexmark 20K1400
· Lexmark 20K1401
· Lexmark 20K1402
· Lexmark 20K1403
· Lexmark 20K1440
· Lexmark 20K1441
· Lexmark 20K1442
· Lexmark 20K1443
· Lexmark C500H2CG
· Lexmark C500H2KG
· Lexmark C500H2MG
· Lexmark C500H2YG
· Lexmark C500S2CG
· Lexmark C500S2KG
· Lexmark C500S2MG
· Lexmark C500S2YG
· TallyGenicom 43336
· TallyGenicom 43337
· TallyGenicom 43338
· TallyGenicom 43339
· TallyGenicom 43340
· TallyGenicom 43341
· TallyGenicom 43343
· TallyGenicom 736001

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a "refill kit"? This is do-it-yourself type products that come with toner and instructions for you to refill your own cartridge.

My cartridge was printing with streaks prior refill. Will your refill kit fix it? Toner Refill Kits are intended to refill functional cartridge. If (before you refill your cartridge) your cartridge is already printing with streaks, smudges or lines, your cartridge is basically already defective or exhibiting signs of defect, and "refilling" it will not bring it back to life. Toner cartridges have multiple moving parts that do wear out and affect quality. Our refills are intended to provide the same quality prints as the last few pages that your cartridge printed before you refilled it. DO NOT refill defective cartridge! Get new replacement cartridge, that you can refill later.

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