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Universal Ink Refill Bottle for Epson 100ml (Pigment Ink)

Universal Ink Refill Bottle for Epson 100ml (Pigment Ink)
5 to 10 refills
1 year replacement

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Cyan out of stock $4.99
Universal ink for Epson pigment based inkjet printers. Includes a 100ml refill bottle with smart pouring spouts. This is also a perfect refill bottle for use with Continuous Ink Systems (and with the smart pouring spout, you can pour ink directly into the fill holes of all continuous ink systems). Only the ink is included (no additional tools or instructions are provided). This refill bottle is intended for refillers who know how to refill their Epson ink cartridges. With the 100ml per color included, you can refill most Epson cartridges 5-10 times each per color. This ink made to compare as close as possible to the OEM Epson ink for Epson T200 / T220 / T252 / T786 / T288 and other popular Epson inkjet models.

Item #: 145-230-01Black (Black)
145-230-01Cyan (Cyan)
145-230-01Magenta (Magenta)
145-230-01Yellow (Yellow)



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