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4 Plug-In Cartridges for Canon PG-245XL (Black, 4-Plugins with an OEM printhead)

4 Plug-In Cartridges for Canon PG-245XL (Black, 4-Plugins with an OEM printhead)
Pigmented Black
1,200 pages
1 year replacement


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Necessity is the mother of all inventions! With all the shortages and high prices, we found a way to get your costs down even more with these cartridges modified to work with Canon printers.

This item gets you 4 plug-in cartridges that replace your Canon PG-245 or Canon PG-245XL ink cartridges (ours are the 245XL equivalent, which is the high capacity version of the Canon 245).

Included with this purchase:
  • 4 x Canon PG-245XL cartridge plugins (new compatible ink tanks, without printheads)
  • 1 x Canon PG-245XL cartridge cradle (with OEM HP printhead, modified to accept the plugins, and is reusable for 4 plugins)

This gets you the equivalent of 4 replacement Canon PG-245XL cartridges! But at a major savings, as you don't need 4 print-heads. The printhead cradle we're providing, is reusable up to 4 times.

Just insert a cartridge plugin into the reusable printhead cradle and install into your printer. Each plugin is essentially a brand new ink tank that has been tested for performance, quality and page yield. The printhead cradle (which is an OEM Canon printhead) has been modified to accept the plugins, time after time, up to 4 times.

Each cartridge plugin has the same page yield as the Canon 245XL high yield cartridge version by Canon.


Compatible Inkjet Printers:


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