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DuraFIRM Printhead Cleaner

DuraFIRM Printhead Cleaner
1 year replacement

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60 ml
240 ml
950 ml
1 Gallon

Uni-Kit Printhead Cleaner will extend the life of you cartridge by 30%.

If a cartridge has been left unused for a long period, it's print nozzles will block with dried ink. Allowing printheads to soak in Printhead Cleaner overnight can clean print nozzles and help restore print quality. Also you can effectively prolong the life of your inkjet cartridge. A cartridge treated with Printhead Cleaner after every third refill improves the cartridges ability to hold more ink by dissolving the dried ink residue from repeated refills. Cartridges now can last up to 10 refills. Keeping cartridges topped off so they do not dry out also helps.

There are 3 ways of using the Printhead Cleaner:
  1. Fill the injector with 2ml of cartridge cleaner and over a sink squirt the cartridge cleaner on to the print head. Be careful not to touch the print head with the injector. You will immediately see the dried ink dissolve and flush away. Air dry and reinstall into printer.
  2. Soak the printhead in 0.5" of Printhead Cleaner. Air dry and reinstall into printer and run a cleaning cycle.
  3. To prolong the life of your inkjet cartridge, add 1ml of Printhead Cleaner into the filling hole of the cartridge. This will rejuvenate the sponge and dissolve any dried ink. For preventative maintenance follow this step every third refill.
  4. Item #: 110-127-01UNIKIT (60 ml)
    110-187-01 (240 ml)
    110-186-01 (950 ml)
    110-132-01 (1 Gallon)

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