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Epson Chip Resetter v5

Epson Chip Resetter v5
1 year replacement


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Epson makes new inkjet cartridges with "smart chips" that send a signal to the printer when they are empty. This prevents the printer from recognizing a refilled cartridge as it still "remembers" the cartridge as being empty. Our Chip Resetter will reset cartridge chips to factory specification, showing full ink levels, allowing you to refill the cartridge and allowing the printer to recognize it as a brand new cartridge.

How does it work? Just place the cartridge on the resetter and wait 5 seconds! That's it! The ink levels on the cartridge are restored to new.

Our chip resetters are guaranteed to work on genuine OEM cartridge chips, but may not work on "compatible chips" manufactured by 3rd parties.

PLEASE NOTE: Newer Epson cartridges use a new generation Epson chip that reads more than just the chip status when determining the ink level for the cartridge. The printer also reads ink level sensors inside the cartridge, so the cartridge needs to be both properly resetted and properly refilled in order for the printer to recognize it as full.

Disclaimer: Epson Chip Resetter is not an Epson® product. It is designed only for the purpose of "resetting" the smart chip on your Epson inkjet cartridges to allow the successful refilling.

Item #: 145-139-01

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