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Uni-Kit Four Color - Inkjet Refill Kit

Uni-Kit Four Color - Inkjet Refill Kit
6 to 14 refills
1 year replacement


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Inkjet Refill Kit is do-it-yourself product that comes with printer ink, refilling tools, and refill instructions to refill your own empty cartridge. Get up to 40 refills! Work on black, cyan, magenta and yellow cartridges!

Refilling with the Uni-Kit system is easy and quick. We provide illustrated refilling instructions for most inkjet cartridges.

The printer ink for this Uni-Kit Inkjet Refill Kit is Durafirm Technology which makes the inks archival, UV resistant, smudge resistant and water-proof on waterproof paper such as the DuraFirm photo paper. This technology has been over 4 years in development and is the latest and highest quality printer ink.

  • 64ml Black printer ink
  • 32ml Cyan printer ink
  • 32ml Magenta printer ink
  • 32ml Yellow printer ink
  • 32ml printhead cleaning solution
  • Set of refilling tools - injector syringe, blunt filling needle, refill tools and sealing plugs
  • Refill Instructions, Art and Office CD - includes Adobe Album SE, EZ Label Xpress label design program, Clip art and images, cool fonts
  • 10 sheets 4x6 DuraFirm photo paper

PLEASE NOTE: If, before you refill your cartridge, your cartridge is already printing with streaks, smudges or lines, or if the cartridge's printheads have dried considerably due to non-use, your cartridge is defective or exhibiting signs of defect, and "refilling" it will not bring it back to life. Our Inkjet Refill Kits are intended to refill functional inkjet cartridges. We recommend refilling an inkjet cartridge before it completely empties and while it is still printing well, or very soon after it empties so the printheads don't dry beyond repair.

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